Everything Good Will Come

A dear friend, @prisca’s diary, dropped a comment on my last Facebook post titled “life is turn by turn” which sank deep. She said “it’s a testament to the fact that God picks everyone of our issues one after the other after we are spent.
I strongly believe this is true. Everything good will come when you stop looking for those things or caring for them.

In life, we spend so much time chasing after things, people or careers but in reality, the more we chase them, the more it appears to be an illusion.
The moment you shift your mind away and begin to flex on mundane things, that moment when you stop caring about any eventuality, that moment your heart is fully rested, that is when you get all you’ve been hoping and praying for. Those things begin to fall on you in overdose one after the other.

They say life doesn’t give you what you deserve, but you only get what you demand from life. That’s by street standards.
Life gives you what you’ve stopped chasing after, what doesn’t have a hold on you anymore, this is a divine order.
One day, you will surely have an abundance of everything you’ve ever wanted if you don’t give up. Life is indeed, turn by turn.

By now, I should have become a Facebook influencer judging by how well my posts gets interactions every time but unserious will not let me be great. I don’t have Facebook energy. There’s a kind of energy for that community which I lack.
Most of the posts on this blog that never even gets a comment always do very well out there. My posts on Facebook even get me clients almost every time. I’m going to talk about this someday. But if the ministry is going to move out of here someday, it’s likely going to move permanently to Instagram. I think I’m loving it there. You can go and follow me there @yetundeolasiyan’s blog.

I wrote an article on Bellanaija titled “Dear Southwest Nigerians, Abuja Is Not The Gelato Capital of Nigeria”. I don’t know what I was smoking when I wrote it but what shall we say to the god of the pen? The post is getting a lot of engagement on Instagram @bellanaijaonline. I was tagged to it this afternoon. You can head to Bellanaija to read it.

For the umpteenth time I have been infected by malaria parasite yet again. The trophozoites have been swimming in my blood stream while I was walking about but I’ve been indoors since I came back from work on Friday. Chills, fever, weakness etc. Abuja mosquitoes are even resistant to ACT drugs, lumefantrine and arthemeter. One dose of treatment does not make you well. You have to repeat treatment twice and add fansidar to the bunch. It’s not funny at all when doctors now tell you not to take coke or vegetables or anything containing calcium when undergoing treatment but that’s exactly when you start craving coke. It’s one of the complications of life😂

In other news, I have one more week before we resume the legal year. I’m excited especially because we are going to have an inaugural sitting in our new court. I have a better microphone and a lovely swivel chair now. Calling cases with my voice is no longer the case. I haven’t seen Milord in a while too.
This is the best court vacation I’ve had since joining litigation. Last year, Milord was the vacation judge so we still worked during vacation.
I haven’t taken my annual leave this year but when I do, it is to spend the whole time curating content. That’s majorly what I’ve been doing during this vacation. Writing, writing and writing.


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September 3, 2019 at 9:41 am

Thanks for the mention, Babes
I have experienced it lately and still experiencing it. It’s kinda scary when God decides to pick your abandoned struggles, He picks every damn thing!
Minwillie, I need your attention. Buzz me abeg.

September 3, 2019 at 7:16 pm

Bathroom selfie gang!

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