Do you believe in ghosts?

Olasiyan Olanike Yetunde

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2 Responses

  1. Bisola says:

    Ha. Do I believe in ghosts, not per se. I do believe that we can’t totally explain the supernatural and that demons can manipulate or take on the form of dead people.
    The Plane Crash with the corpse going to Ondo state which also claimed lives really gave me food for thought.

    My grandmother has tales to tell of her dad appearing to her live and greeting her before people came to visit and told her he was dead.
    The Bible says the dead has nothing to do with the living and if I had been a born again Christian when my bestie died in Uni, I wouldn’t have allowed myself be spooked by people saying our spirits had to be separated, and one man who my grandma took me to see who said my friend still come to visit me in my room the other night. Lol.
    That night, after orishirishi stuff to separate our spirit, the dogs barked and barked. It was like someone was outside the gate. It continued for so long and suddenly it stopped. It was so eerie and spooky.
    If it was now, it is to sprinkle the blood of Jesus oh. And confess the Word of God. Shikena. Even if there’s any spirit to be separated na to use the powerful blood of Jesus Christ.

    • Of course o. I know about familiar spirits. And I know the dead has nothing to do with the living. Like you rightly pointed out we can’t fully un derstand the world of the supernatural. Some of those may be true or not.
      Thanks for sharing your experience especially the dog part.

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