The Diary of a University Undergrad

I wake up in the morning with a foggy vision, trying to glance around my room. When I look to the left to see the bed where she normally lay, she’s still sound asleep, snoring very loudly with her legs raised up and crossed together in an unladylike manner. Her covering cloth is on another side of the bed and she is stark naked. That is how she sleeps.

I stand up and brush my teeth, take my bath and put my food on the stove to boil; I have decided to eat rice this morning with the little stew I made yesterday. As I bring the stew to warm on the stove, then she wakes up. She stands up immediately, take a tissue and enter the toilet. We actually live in a self-contained apartment with a toilet, kitchen and bathroom en suite. She comes out again. She doesn’t say good morning to me. She picks a bucket, goes to the well to fetch water. I bring my food to the table, eat it in silence then, I pick my bag and go out for the day’s lecture.

At times, I don’t seem to understand her at all. She walks in a way that her foot barely touches the ground. She pushes her neck forward and walks very fast; too fast for a lady. She has no care in the world, after eating; she places her head on the pillow and begins to look. Whether she’s daydreaming or barely looking at me, I do not know.  At other times, she can go out throughout the whole day and return only late at night.

She is tall and graceful with a long neck and a pretty face. She has a dark and natural skin, not too thin and not too fat. I wish I know the thoughts that go on in her brain so I can help her but I don’t have the foggiest idea so I don’t give it a try.


He lives in the next block of flats. He is dark and of middle height. He is not too attractive but has a kind mien. He frowns his face very early in the morning but when he smiles, he looks like a gentleman. I go to tell him about the rats invading my room and encroaching on my privacy. He promises to be of help with a promise to look in the next day but I notice a certain twinkle in his eyes each time he talks to me.

to be continued……….

continued from last week

What he is up to, I sure do not know. He manages the two blocks of the female hostel plus the water factory. I actually know next to nothing about him. He collects my mobile line with the promise to call me the next day, Sunday.


Am in church. We‘ve finished the service but I have to wait to count the offering among other important things. Then my phone starts to vibrate. Who is calling me on a Sunday afternoon .i pick the call and I hear a male voice.

‘Hello, this is manager. Are u home?’

Oh! I‘ll be on my way right away’

I quickly tidy up and I go to the hostel. My roommate is not yet back from holiday.

I  go to his office to inform him that am around and he promise to be there in few minutes

I go inside patiently to wait for him. He knocks later and I open. He is with a friend, very tall guy.

They  both enter  the room and begin to move my things out. i tell them I see it in the kitchen. They bring out everything in the kitchen then the rat runs out and enter the bathroom. They run after it but it enter a hole in the bathroom. So he mixes cement and seal  off the place so that the rat will not come out again.’ That  is where it will die’, he tells me.

Them they arrange my things for me and he even sweep the cement away. I thank them profusely and they leave.

I heave a sign of relief. At last, I can sleep in peace.


I am on my way to class for lecture, I see him at the gate and he asks if I noticed the rat again and I say no. I actually admire him for this feat because rats are my greatest enemy. It’s just as if he helped me to conquer my enemy .my fears are gone so he is my hero. Actually I once reported a problem to him about the drainage problem in my room and he called a plumber and paid.

Subsequently, he will ask me if I cooked and I will say no because am not in the habit of cooking for guys. He comes to my room to borrow newspaper, I give him and we chat for a while. He tells me that he enjoys talking with me and doesn’t always feel like leaving my room again. He tells me about his ex girlfriend ,how she left and he has to call it quit.  Several calls come in on his phone while we are talking and he talks to them (ladies) in a casual manner. Is it because I am there? Well, only time will tell.

Watch  out for the next episode on Monday

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