Dear Young Person

Dear Young Person,
Please respect your mother and her family. Take care of your mother and do not neglect her family members too. They may never need your money but be good to them. Because when the chips are down, they are the ones who will be there for you.

If you are lucky to have a good father like mine, love him and care for him but never worry about his family except they earn it. Because these ones will never be there for you. They are patriarchy Kings and queens-the lots of them and they are so entitled. They feel so entitled to your calls, nay, they feel so entitled to your very life and existence. The extent to which you worship them determines how much attention you get from them.

If by a stroke of circumstance, you find yourself born to a deadbeat father, a sperm donor, an errant dad, a traditional man who tries to punish your mother for having you, well, you have two options
You may choose to look the other way and say “father forgive them for they know not what they do”

You associate with him at your own discretion. Because, they never truly change. They are a time bomb. They do not truly repent. They think they are God’s gift to women nay the entire world. They are narcissists. Education does nothing to rid them of the cultural and misogynistic societal junks in their slimy brain. That’s why they are deadbeat parents. They are the ones who whine before they pay your school fees. They are the ones who feel your education is too expensive.

They are the fathers who never show up during your milestones. They are even ready to deny you in the wink of an eye.
What about their families? They are one of a kind. Never expect anything from them. Don’t even look at their side. There’s a reason why they are so irresponsible. It’s all evident in their son, your father.

The last time I saw my uncle, when we were at their village with my mother’s son, he said ‘yetunde, you have two plots of land here o. Whenever you are ready, come and build it’.
I was shocked. He continued
“You can use it to build hostels for students of ire polytechnic since you can’t live here”. Iree is just a walking distance from my mother’s town. Iree/inisha/iba are small friendly towns not far from each other. There’s a shortcut from her village straight to iree.

So, I can inherit in my mother’s village? I became mischievous and asked my uncle whether I could also approach the king for a chieftaincy title. I wouldn’t mind being an Erelu or Iyalode😁

However, after dad died and the dark one, my mother’s son informed his father’s people that the house belonged to his mum, they walked away angrily. They stayed aloof. What effrontery? Why would a woman inherit?
This whole rant isn’t even about inheritance. I just needed to rant. Shots fired.

Let me go and eat my homemade eggroll to calm my fiery temper.

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