Blogversary Giveaway!!!! Hurray!!!

Thank God the weather has changed. It looks like its going to rain tonight. Rain is so scarce in Abuja that we have to beg God for it. The heat is very wicked. Most families have been sleeping outside, in their living room, on the tiles, and just anywhere they can get enough or whatever little breeze.


You have to bath up to five times or more before daybreak if you want to save your life. I get annoyed when people say its been raining in ibadan and Lagos. It is very painful. This isn’t the best of time to live in the north. I dread this particular period between the exit of harmattan and the shortfall before the commencement of rain.

Some two years back, life chose that period to visit me with chicken pox. I literarily died and came back. The torture was out of here. And of course, electricity would choose that time to become epileptic as well.


However, in other news, I kick started the blogversary since Monday.  My birthday was part of it and was very memorable too. To God be the glory, this blog clocks five years tomorrow and I am rolling out the drums.

Writing/blogging is serious business. For anyone to still be here, its no mean feat. It also coincides with my kidbrother’s birthday. Isn’t it awesome? My mum had both of us same month.

I feel like ordering a cheese cake from dominos tomorrow just to celebrate the blogversary.  The thing is, if this rain falls tonight, it’d be a great signal in the sky. That was how rain also ushered in the 24th of March and the day was entirely beautiful.

I wrote and finished a manuscript last year and I so much wanted the publication to coincide with the blogversary but again, life happened. Change came and everything went off the radar. I am still working assiduously to bring it to life. By the grace of God, it is coming to life this year.

This is a great achievement for me and it means a lot. But I don’t want to talk much about it for now.

Would you be kind enough to wish me a happy 5th year anniversary on this blog tomorrow? It would mean a lot!!!! xoxo

when I first started blogging in 2012…..myself and tinukebadmus

2013….as a blogger

Still 2013

Working and smiling….

OK, as an afterthought, I think I should do an anniversary giveaway….First commenter(who mustn’t be any of my close friends) gets a copy of my novel free of charge when it is out. Four more commenters get it at half the price(price is already set). #spreadthemessage#


Terms and conditions apply:

Family members, friends, cousins are exempted from this freebie. Strictly for new followers/commenters.

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March 27, 2017 at 7:12 pm

Gan gan, I don win novel oooo!

March 28, 2017 at 8:24 am

Happy 5th Anniversary dear……the future is glorious…….more grace and of course more money!

March 29, 2017 at 1:09 pm

Happy anniversary, having a blog has been my dream and you’re an inspiration

April 7, 2017 at 7:34 am

Happy Anniversary YETUNDE. To blog for five years I no beans oh. More ink to your pen. I do hope all you writing dreams come to pass in Jesus name. Amen

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