Birthdays are special!!!

First of all, the rain came down in Abuja on the night of 23rd for the first time. The heat had been crazy so it was with much excitement that the rain was received. The night wasn’t too hot. And so, 24th of March was ushered in with an abundance of relief, joy and expectation.

I just have the feeling that its going to be a very good year. Birthdays are special only when there are special people in your life to make the day memorable.

There was really nothing out of the ordinary except for some chocolate cake from Coldstone Creamery. I have been devouring the cake alone since noon. I decided not to eat suya this night because of it. Its the best cake I’ve ever eaten and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I woke up around 2.30am to see six missed calls from my friend in US. She wanted to be the first to wish me happy birthday. So, I messaged her and we talked. I got busy responding to birthday wishes on Facebook till daybreak.

I had gone to remove birthday notifications earlier or I thought I did. I didn’t want people greeting me halfheartedly with the usual “hbd…llnp”. Its totally gross, I tell you.
Because I feel its important to actually type out birthday wishes to people if they really matter. But that’s just me.

I wasn’t prepared for the avalanche of calls, messages and Facebook posts bearing my pictures. I was stunned.
And because I hate the Facebook ritual of coming out to thank everybody the day after the celebrations, here is me saying thank you to all my friends in different part of Nigeria and abroad.



I have a special gratitude to an amazing strong woman, an icon, a role model, a tell-it-as-it-is writer who authored a rare book that has left me ” hooing and haaing” with the amount of positive reviews the book has garnered both home and abroad-naijasinglegirl, the self acclaimed chairlady of all single girls in Nigeria.



I am wowed by the immeasurable love that I received from naijasingle girl’s blog. I mean heartfelt messages and good wishes from people I have never met. Its almost emotional for me and I am grateful to NSg and her amazingly dutiful blogfam. That blogfam amazes me each time with positive comments and friendly banters. Out of many blog comment sections I have read, hers stand as the sanest and cleanest.

To the friend that bought me a cake, thank you. I deeply appreciate it. My head aches from lack of sleep. So I really need to hit the bed. Its been an eventful day. Thank you all

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March 31, 2017 at 8:14 am

Thank you Yetunde. You are welcome. I missed your earlier mail and that cake is all shades of Yummy. I hope you had a good one. Many happy returns and God bless.

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