So I have been off this blogosphere for a while due to the common constraints of our collective nationhood. No internet, poor network, irregular electricity etc. Am happy to be finally back.
Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes, messages, pings, prayers, calls. I am grateful. The day went well. Today, yetunde olasiyan’s blog was birthed in a small corner of the world in lagos. Today marks two years exactly. I promised to resurrect some of my old posts in commemoration of the anniversary and to enable folks who didn’t start with us to have a taste of the pudding from the beginning. Boarding house memoirs resumes after that. Coincidentally, today is kidbrother’s birthday too. Shout out to the best brother in the world.
I had some ‘alone’ time at millenium park on the 24th, yeah that was the most memorable part of the day. God dwells in the midst of nature. If you need to hear God and feel his embrace, separate yourself and go to a place where nature holds sway, where the grasses are evergreen, where you hear the chirping of the birds and crickets, where you can see animals grazing, where nature lives with all its perfection. Yeah, that is where God lives. That is where you will get answers to some of life’s knotty issues. I had time to pray, to meditate and to think beyond the present. I got some swelling ideas for the future too.
It’s been God all the while, right from the cradle. He remains ever faithful.
Thanks to all my readers who have always been reading, urging me to forge ahead. Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for making me. Thanks to Tinuke Badmus who saw beyond my lackadaisical attitude and encouraged me to start this. I am soo grateful. Please look forward to one of my old posts- “Silly, stupid things”.
Yetunde Olasiyan
March 2014

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