AMVCA 2017:What happened to the magic?

Now that AMVCA is over……..

I didn’t see any magic in this year’s AMVCA held at Eko Hotel last night. Many of the guests thought or pretended they were at the Grammy’s. Else, what explanation do we give for the bare thighs, arms, breast and full backs that were lavishly on display at an African Award night?

I would leave fashion enthusiasts to keep arguing about who slayed/rocked on the red carpet and who was the worst dressed.


Talking about dressing, why does everyone have their breasts scantily covered? Or is this part of the magic that Africa has been spewing all along?

We say women have been objectified, women are seen as sex symbols bla bla. We hear about the rights of women when they are being unfairly treated in their marriage but who talks about women who deliberately turn themselves to objects of sex  and leave men ogling by their dressing?


Sika Osei and her bare flat chest exposed for the world was a little bit distasteful. We say it is an African award, yet we want it to look like we are at the Grammys on the red carpet.


Most of the well dressed women were even well covered on stage. The top person in this category for me was Joke Silva. She and her hubby kept it simple and elegant. They are a reference point when hollywood marriages are mentioned anywhere. Lilian Esoro was also perfectly covered yet, looked glamorous on the red carpet. Body exposure in the name of fashion is all shades of wrong. Learn to dignify your womanhood.


What about those men who followed their bare chested wives on the red carpet. I mean, the whole chest region was almost out for the world to see. What happened to dignity, discipline and societal ethics?


This year’s AMVCA didn’t have the eureka moment for me. Yes, there were some crazy moments. I liked the guy who fell flat or should I say prostrated for everyone.
The way they all kept muttering “thank you Jesus, thank you God, this could have only been by your grace”, made me pay extra attention. Does it mean even people in the klieglights who might/might not be ‘religiously inclined’ recognise that man was not made to exist without God? Or that one can achieve nothing without His help. Wow!

AMVCA makes me think it’s just about fashion and looking elegantly dressed. Would some be comfortable there who can’t afford to wear designer brands or get made up by popular makeup artistes?

What is it about AMVCA that makes people cry? Does that award mean that much? Maybe I do not know the significance and influence the award wields to its winners. But all the same, congrats to the winners.

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