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Office was super boring today. I was tired and hungry. I was alone in the office at the back of the courtroom.

My Lord wasn’t around. All the lawyers had gone for NBA conference in Lagos. I can’t imagine what Lagos must look like right now with the addition of 12000 learned people, according to channels news report.

The courtroom is on the second floor while my Lord’s office is on the third with my Lord, the president. I can’t finish expressing how much I love those two men. They’ve both made significant impact in my life.

I was out since 7.10am this morning. I joined the staff bus because of a call I received yesterday ” waa rimi lola o”. He informed me he had been moved to one of the fine suites in Garki close to my former office (where we moved)

As I sauntered to the reception, impressed by the sheer magnificence of that place, even though I had been there before, I was conscious of time. I called him repeatedly.
When he finally picked, he said he was at the restaurant. I moved two steps backwards and saw him eating scrambled eggs, yam and toast.

Then a lady came
“This is the Yetunde I’ve been telling you about”.
At first, I didn’t take it serious thinking she was just a friend at the suite not knowing she was his junior. Someone that works under him.
We greeted. She left.

“So what did you tell her about me”
“That I wonder if you are a human being…won ti get e”, he told me
He’s always wishing he has either of my parent’s number. The last time he said he wished I still had a father. Today, he said he wished he had my mom’s number.
He’s not the first person to ask if something is wrong with me. I’ve asked myself severally too. I’ve looked inwards and I’ve not found the answer to my seeming nonchalance. Is this how they get someone? He’s of the opinion that they’ve finally gotten me-village people. I wonder what’s wrong with me too. I’m tired of myself.

Today, I checked my name on the notice board. I wrote an exam at the National Judicial Council last December. I wrote common law, civil service rules, financial regulations and General questions. I passed o. Me 💯, village people 0.

I was telling Jonathan Eze how he’s now so popular among my friends.
Infact, my very special friend from PH called me last week, barely 48hours after I dropped my last post on facebook- is turn by turn. He was at Jeviniks(Biobak kitchen) with another good friend, all of us were wesleyans. My PH friend said he cane to have a tste of the Jeviniks I talked so much about. I told them they were bad people because they didn’t inform me before going so that I could join them.
Then he said “but Jonathan Eze took you there”, lol. The way Jonathan Eze’s name was so sweet on his lips eh, you’d think he has known him from way back.

When I told J.E he was just grinning from ear to ear. My friend had to call me from the abroad because of that post.
In other news, my eyesight is completely bad. I’m having serious headaches and pain close to my right eye. I was at the hospital yesterday. They said they were going to refer me to National Hospital or Gwagwalada Teaching Hospital. I can’t deal with both. I’m not going back to get that referral. I’m still traumatised by National Hospital (I was at the morgue, remember?).
I hope I see my Lord tomorrow. It’s been long we had a conversation, just me and him.


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