A Reason For My Absence

It’s been a while here. I wrote some thoughts down but I couldn’t get round to publishing it. Now, everything I wrote has been overtaken by events.
My attention was swept away by almost two weeks of activities following the retirement activities of My Lord The President and the opening of our new court HQ, newly commissioned by President Buhari.

We actually flooded your tv screens this past week with snippet of news coming from our book launch at the A-Class Event Centre, Maitama, International Conference Centre, The Shehu Musa Yaradua Centre and finally the dinner at Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton.

Staff bus was conveying us daily to the venues except for the birthday celebration of the president on October 1st at Sheraton. Everyone went from their house.
Then, on Saturday 5th October again, I was at a gala/dinner night where I laughed my heart out and ate till my tummy was full. I had spring rolls and samosa, chicken and malt.
I’m already missing mylord the president. When I met him for the first time physically on the 2nd June, 2017, 24 hours after Mr Banji’s death, he had no airs around him. He had called us(I and kidbrother) personally on phone and requested to see us in his office the next day.
He asked if the office had gotten a coffin.
“Yes, we have Milord”, Dad’s assistant answered.
Only five of us were present at that meeting including Milord the president. The former chief registrar who is now My Lord, the presiding judge at Imo state division, Dad’s assistant, myself and kidbrother.
“Is it an expensive coffin? Is it a befitting one? Please, tell them I said they should release more money for you. Go and change the one you got. Get him a better coffin. He didn’t die as a poor man. He was a big man.”
Then, he went on to tell us how he lost his own parents, he encouraged us and asked that two vehicles be released to take his body back home.
Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. He did so much more for me and there’s no way I can recall the story of my life without mentioning him. He was true to my dad both in life and in death. Dad wanted me to go to the Court of Appeal. Infact, I was just waiting to resume before plans changed and I found myself in this court where I am now.
Dad was a very close ally of MyLord The President and Milord(my original Milord 😀who I sit with in court, pls don’t get it twisted). So, it only felt natural to stay among his people.
President told kidbrother who was still in law school then
“Go and practice. The first five years is usually tough for lawyers but that is where you learn the ropes”
The next time he saw me, I was coming from outside, I didn’t know he was coming so I came face to face with him but he couldn’t recognise me initially and he said
“Are you a law student?”
I didn’t know that the new chief registrar was coming behind me. It was him that responded
“No sir, she’s the daughter of …..”
And president said
“Oh, aburo e nko?”
“He’s fine sir. Has he finished law school?”
“Yes sir. He’s serving somewhere around Apo sir”
“Are they paying him? How much are they paying him? Tell him to come and serve here.”
“Thank you sir”, I responded
Then he turned to the chief Registrar and said
“Help me to take good care of her.”
He turned to me and said
“He’s your elder brother. Always go to him”
I said yes sir.
However, all these are still small compared to what he did for me. One day, I shall write about it…in my book Sha😀
He was always asking about kidbro until I went with kidbro to see him again one day. By then, kidbro had started working in the law firm of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria who happened to be president’s friend. On seeing kidbro, he saw some keloids on his face and said

“what is this on your face? Does it hurt? How long has it been there?

Then he called a very big boss, Mr S. and said

“call Dr …….at the supreme Court. Take him there for examination”.

“thank you sir”, I and bro chorused together

Kidbrother was eventually booked for surgery to remove the growth. Gentlemen of the bar like themselves so much. I was waiting for My Lord the president to ask if I had eaten, if my temperature was normal or abnormal or if I had menstrual cramps but he was too devoted to kidbro😀😁😅

I was really feeling sad all through the book launch.

I didn’t even know whether to be laughing or crying. His court used to be very interesting and enlightening. He delves into domestic affairs, political matters, emotional affairs….he talks about everything. The best thing is that he shares sweets and water for us at every court sitting.
Everyone who comes to our court now keep marvelling at the sheer magnificence and beauty of it. It’s his hardwork. He built that court from scratch and made it an enviable court.
There’s a new sheriff in town right now. The honourable new judge has been sworn in as the acting president.
Resumption time just changed today. The bus now leaves by 7am so that it can get to the office by 8am. We used to meet the bus by 7.30am before.
My problem now is how to wake up early and catch that bus. I can’t even remember the last time I swept my house. My house looks like a forest right now. I’m barely there. I just sleep there, wake up and rush out. Then, I come in very late, already wasted and tired. So I just sleep off. Many times I even forget to lock my front door. Most times I wake up to find out that my entire door was unlocked. The cycle continues everyday. #sighs

One of those days, this legal year..on my way to work


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