2018 In Review

It came in quietly. I was on my way to work so early in the year-the 2nd week of resumption when I fell down from a bike and got dragged on the road. 

Calls started coming in from everywhere. It was too early in the year to go through such calls again. I seeped into depression and it didn’t help matters that I stayed home for a week before I could start walking. I had to go to the hospital, got injection, had it cleaned at the office clinic every day till the wound dried. This took about two weeks. Let’s just say I nursed that wound in the whole of January and it was on both legs fa.
I had to dig out the few long dresses remaining in my wardrobe. People laughed at me when I suddenly started appearing in long gowns. I laughed at myself too because it felt surreal.

I even almost started doing Ankara to the office on Mondays. I actually went back to Ankara after I couldn’t wear my only two long dresses again😀

I was still selling my book here and there and I had a certain bulk sale and got paid without stress.
By a stroke of luck, I got moved from Asokoro to Garki the very last week in January.

I settled in Garki where I always dreaded. It was never my dream to work in Garki. Dad had been in Garki so I didn’t want the sad memories. But Garki turned out to be the best move ever. I was always downcast in asokoro where there was no memory. When I became confronted with those memories, I overcame a big part of my depression. I met new people who genuinely cared for the first time.

I was sitting at the back of the courtroom watching proceedings.

The deputy news editor of This day, who was my former boss came to town and we went to conduct some interviews in another highbrow part of Garki. It saw us going to Biobak Kitchen where he bought me a plate of stew and orishirishi.

I had to be in Ibadan for my book reading event so I flew into Lagos one dark night after the airline delayed a 2pm journey till 7pm.

My sister picked me at the airport and the next day, I was busy working with Jonathan Eze on the Island. We had to cover another big event together.


Bythe next day, I was already on my way to ibadan. I went straight to the radio station and we did it.

The Radio House…very beautiful

I reunited with my friend who left the country years ago. It was an aha moment as we met at tantalizers, iwo road. We visited me at my uncle’s while we rode on a bike like two wild teenagers to her alakia residence

I was supposed to have another reading session at the theatre arts Dept in UI but the school was on strike so I had to be back in Abuja.


I started sitting in court little by little-just by the side, like an attachment. Life was good. And I was getting fat😁


All of a sudden, I got moved from just observing proceedings, being an attache to being put at the middle seat right in front of Milord and holding his diary.

We came to the end of the legal year. We were so happy but….

We got to know that Milord would be a vacation judge and we had to sit with him. So I worked all through the vacation period until I went on leave in September.
By August I had another bulk sale that wrapped up my entire book hustle. Or rather the payment of the sale.
I worked with woman.ng as a content editor and mehn, the experience was mind blowing. This should be one of the writing jobs that totally blew me off this year.


The new legal year had commenced but I was enjoying my life in my humble abode after working my ass off tirelessly. I and my colleagues had fallen sick on and off. We were just three in the entire court and sometimes we didn’t rise until very late in the evening.
I had to help a friend to legalise some documents at the ministry of foreign affairs and the Netherlands embassy.

October, November
Back to back sittings.


Public speaking. I spoke about my life.

Another round trip to Lagos and ibadan.

My head was buried in books reading for an exam(imagine reading the Constitution)and I was sick during this period. I dragged myself to NJI for the two days.

And it’s been an amazing year. The good outweighed the bad that happened and of course this doesn’t fully represent what my year looked like, but the disappointment I faced this year redirected me to something better. I mean I got something better in like 100folds.

And I cut my hair this year too😎😃🤣

I’ve spent the last couple of days missing my dad terribly. I can’t ever get over his death. And mummy too.

I wrote comprehensively about my year on Bellanaija. You can go Google it out.

The shenanigans nothwithstanding, oju pada ti won las las naa ni because one with God is a majority. Yeah, we made it through without them!!!!😀

My face says it all



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